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About Us

We are Twenty square, it’s all about us and you!

Twenty Square is the first Indian company that is delivering the high-quality ABS plastic photo frames, We made our products thru high quality materials, and our products are very light weight and wall friendly,our installation is very easy, you can decorate any surface within a short coffee break, maximum takes 5 to 10 mins, Our products specialty is, you cans tick and re-stick to various surfaces without effecting the surface, obviously you don’t need any nails and hammers.

This is our story.

Twenty square has been created to serve you and your family,the whole concept was born from our own needs, with many question marks????.

I am a huge fan of photos, one day I was scrolling thru them in my phone, I have so many great photos since childhood to get married, How do I see all the important photos of my life on daily basis, if I want to see, some of them are in a phone and some of them are in a laptop so I need to scroll thousands of photos to see the best pictures, anyways smartphones has a favorite option too, but I would like to see the pictures physically, then I have ordered typical photo frames, the photo frames that I have received that I have to nail them to the wall, “ What a Hassle”, I don’t like them at all, I felt like this industry deserves a better product.

Started researching along with a friend and found out some good products and ideas that are existed in the international market which is not available in India and neighborhood countries.

We would like to turn these ideas into business concept and redefine the photo frames and hanging methods, we have hired bunch of talented people in the industry to prepare the better product, after tremendous number of iterations by our design engineers and fabricators finalized the product,which we are currently selling in our website.